and Compliance made easy.

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Eqwity Studio.
Not just a tokenization platform.

A smart contract manager. A compliance facilitator. An intuitive interface.
Powered by Ethereum Blockchain — and it’s all at your fingertips.



No Compromise.
No Gobbledygook.

Tokenization is technical, your NEEDS aren’t! We keep the « Jargon » for our Tech Guys and make it Simple for you.

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Unique Experience.

Compliance is IMPERATIVE when it comes to tokenized asset offering. We make it easy as pie by demystifying complicated legal framework.

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Tokenization at your fingertips

for cutting-edge tokenization

Introducing Studio. The first easy-to-use platform for getting into the tokenization era. An innovative process powered by Ethereum Blockchain & A.I. allows to prevent all puzzles and make SIMPLE the Issuer’s journey. 

Choose your asset class (Company, Real Estate, Art, Luxury Goods or Commodities). Select your blockchain privacy level. Assign rights to your Security Token. Create your Security Token. Specify your Smart Contract features. Pay securely via Eqwity Pay. That's all! You’re done.

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Compliance at your fingertips

Regulatory compliance made effortless.

Introducing Compliance. The most intuitive platform to get your regulatory compliance done! Just a perfect combination of RegTech and common sense. Opening boundless opportunities for Issuers around the world.

Determine your offering type. Choose your target (Accredited/Any Investor). Complete your offering details. Select targeted countries. Pay securely via Eqwity Pay. Start your Compliance.

Congratulations! You’re done.

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Eqwity Pay

A Compliant
payment platform.
And so much more.

Introducing Eqwity Pay. The easiest way to offer a compliant payment gateway to your investors from all over the world. Eqwity Pay onboards a fully KYC process in its registration pipeline.

Thanks to a real-time synchronization technology all your transactions are available on Eqwity Studio. 

It's easy, free and decentralized.

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What makes us different?


Tokenization at
your Fingertips.

No Coding.
No Developers.

Deploy your smart contract on public or private blockchain and tokenize your asset in a couple of minutes without coding a line. 

And get the full power of blockchain in your hands.

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Ethereum Blockchain
powered Smart Contract


We use the powerful Ethereum blockchain and the ERC-1400, the ultimate standard for security token issuance.

Customized with a backward compatibility layer with the famous ERC-20. Thanks to our smart technology, get a fully manageable smart contract without any technical effort.

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A Unique Place for 
your Compliance

Worldwide. Compliance.

Eqwity Studio onboards your regulatory compliance all around the world thanks to our licensed legal partners.
Let's target accredited or non-accredited investors in United States, Canada, European Union, Switzerland and more.  

 It’s Simple, Fast and Decentralized.

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