Here is the most advanced
tokenization studio yet.

Eqwity Studio is a secure decentralized platform designed to make your
blockchain experience even faster, easier and more delightful — with just a touch.
Here is the most advanced tokenization studio yet.

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Deploy the
next generation
of securities.

Eqwity Studio is currently enabling the issuance of compliant
security tokens on public or private blockchain.

Company shares
Real Estate

Art / Paint
Luxury goods

Built on the powerful Ethereum blockchain.
With the ultimate ERC-1400 standard.


Backward compatible
with ERC-20



The most advanced tokenization platform.

Now you can enjoy an amazing and immersive blockchain experience at your fingertips. 
You hold the tokenization power in your hand. Manage your rights, issuance, trade and regulatory restrictions for your security token.

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security token Issuance

Eqwity Studio gives back the control of security token issuance (company, real estate…) through its programmable smart contract. Add value with fractional ownership and eliminate middlemen.

Get power
to tokenize.

Add Legal documents in
the blockchain

Eqwity Studio enables issuers to add encrypted legal documents (proof of ownership, certificate…) on public or private blockchain thanks to a fully programmable smart contract.

the Trust.

Manage trade
and rights restrictions

Eqwity Studio is an indispensable tool to easily manage your token trade and rights restrictions. Built to perfectly fit with regulations thanks to an automated rights manager.

Be technically compliant.


at your fingertips.

Choose your asset class (Company, Real Estate, Art, Luxury Goods or Commodities). Select your blockchain privacy level. Assign rights to your Security Token. Create your Security Token. Specify your Smart Contract features. Pay securely via Eqwity Pay. That's all! You’re done.

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Studio (SDO).

The Studio (SDO) is a utility token for Eqwity Studio, it'll grant 3% discount to any issuer enjoying our services with SDO. In the future, its use will be extended within the Eqwity ecosystem for other purposes like decentralized reward system, loyalty program or crypto voucher.


Max supply


Token type

Utility token


Coming soon